Steve Lord

SteveLord (250 x 250)

Stephen Lord has been working in the games industry as a sound designer, musician and Audio Director for over 20 years.  His longest stint began in the 90’s where he spent eight years as Head of Audio at Rage Software producing audio for dozens of multi-platform titles developed at Rage’s many studios spread across the UK.  Following this Steve spent time at EA and other studios before taking a break from the industry to pursue other business interests.

Returning to the industry in 2009 Steve headed up the audio team at Realtime Worlds and was responsible for APB (All Points Bulletin) which featured many innovative audio features such as a comprehensive in built music sequencer as well as hundreds of licensed tracks.  This was all complimented with a unique track matching system in partnership with

After Realtime Worlds, Steve returned to EA as Audio Director for their final Harry Potter game.  This role included working closely with the film cast as well as composer James Hannigan, where the soundtrack was recorded at Abbey Road with the Philharmonia.

Steve is now Head of Audio at Jagex where his remit is to bring a new audio vision to their flagship MMORPG title Runescape.  This has resulted in a huge technical leap forward with the recent launch of Runescape 3 where the new soundtrack is one of the key features.  The new score has over eight hours of new music, featuring full orchestral recordings as well as dozens of other live performers.   In-house advances in browser based audio technology have been his main focus which has culminated in dedicated music streaming servers for Runescape.

Aside from Runescape and other PC and tablet based games, his current priority is working on the highly anticipated Transformers Universe MMO.